Jan 1, 2012

Neutralizing Dog Skin Problems

Does your dog’s routine seem to have changed? Is he no longer running up to greet you when you get home? Does he seem moody and listless and only pecking at his food? What is more, is he continuously scratching and licking himself? If your pet could talk he would tell you exactly what is bothering him. Your dog cannot talk, however, and it is up to you to understand your animal and his needs. Your dog may also have what is called hot spots, an inflamed area of skin called acute moist dermatitis which is constantly worsened by the dog licking and biting itself. A hot spot moves fast and can spread within a matter of hours as it causes the top layers of the skin to break down and pus becomes trapped in the hair. This increases discomfort and the dog becomes unhappy and mopes around the house.

Quick relief for an itchy dog

·                     Consult a vet immediately and follow his instructions.
·                     Clip the hair around the lesion before cleaning the wound. A dog licking himself is not unusual, but compulsive licking or biting a certain area might indicate that the dog has fleas or ticks, and has a skin problem.
·                     Keep the dog in the shade and out of the sand.
·                     If your dog has dermatitis have your spray for the open sores which have been started by flies packing around the wound. When the flies are gone, dab the dog’s ears with the ointment the vet has prescribed.
·                     Make sure your dog has lots of water. He may not want to eat at first, but by making sure his rashes are clean and he is taking his medication, you are taking the right steps.
·                     Ask your vet if your dog should be treated with steroid medications and antibiotics. Dogs with a thick undercoat are more likely to get a hot spot.
·                     Compulsive licking is not good for the dog as it keeps the wound going. It also interferes with activities such as eating, drinking, playing and interacting.
·                     Remember a happy dog is one with no skin problems and one who is loved. Your dog is a loyal animal and companion; be kind to it in return.

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