Jan 10, 2012

What to Take With to the Birthing Center

Giving birth must surely be one of the most exciting and spiritual events that can happen in a woman’s life. You have carried a child for nine months under your heart, and at last the day arrives when you have to pack your bag for the hospital. You are excited. You can feel the pains coming and don’t know what to expect. You are not only packing your own things, you are packing in baby clothes for the little human being who will soon join the family; something that is new to you.

What to pack for yourself

·                    Pack two bags; one for you and one for the baby. Your bag will contain a smaller bag of toiletries, a fresh towel, an outfit to go home in, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a jacket in the event of bad weather.
·                    A feeding bra, a half dozen panties, face and hand cream, hairbrush, drier,
·                    Ointments and medication you are currently taking,
·                    A breast pump and a soft round cushion with a hole in the middle to be placed in a comfortable position under the baby in your arms to make for easier feeding.
·                    Sanitary towels in the event the hospital does not provide them.
·                    Your favorite shampoo and special soap to give you a familiar scent and a touch of home.

What to pack for the baby

1          Diapers, baby blankets, a shawl, sleepers, bootees, bonnets and a soother just in case one is needed.
2          A must-have item for the baby is the car seat. Note that you cannot take home your newborn baby from the hospital without a car seat installed in the back seat of the car. On the day you leave the hospital come prepared with the seat already installed in the back of the car.
3          Don’t bring books. You can use the off-time to sleep and relax as you won't have much free time when you get home; the extra items will only make your bags heavier.
4          Have soft blankets with which to swaddle the baby. Traveling home in the car you don’t want the hands and arms out of the blanket to get caught in a car door or in the car seat.

Treating constipation in Babies

A baby that is constipated cannot speak for him or herself except cry for relief. He is unable to explain where it is hurting or what the problem is; he is completely helpless and in the hands of his parents. What is a new mother to do? You cannot give a six-month old medication, and you also want your infant to stop crying and not make matters worse by not having a solution.

Dealing with constipation in infants can be stressful if you don’t know what to do. Sometimes one has to resort to measures one would not ordinarily resort to, but it is very much a matter of emergency when you have a baby with a hard stool stuck in his bum; you have to put on a glove and remove it. A lot of mothers have experienced constipation in their children, and if constipation is a regular problem with your infant and this has happened more than once, you should read a book on how to deal with the problem using natural remedies which can help with constipation. The book poses questions such as:

·                    the color of the baby’s stool and what it means by consulting a chart,
·                    symptoms of constipation that don’t appear to be related to the bowel,
·                    primary reasons infants become constipated and how you can fix this,
·                    foods that bring constipation relief in children of all ages,
·                    how to create healthy bowel habits in children,
·                    whether chiropractic can help,
·                    significance of exercise and having a healthy bowel,
·                    top causes for child constipation,
·                    getting rid of bloating.

You may not know, but being constipated all the time can be lethal. Learn how you can help yourself and your family with natural remedies and get rid of constipation once and for all. Click here for Getting Rid of Constipation.