Aug 21, 2011

THE Kardashians

Can someone please tell me - in case I've missed it - what is the fascination with the Kardashians who have become almost a cottage industry? These girls have done nothing on their own to deserve all this attention, except that their father was part of the dream team who got off a jaded football player who had been accused of killing his wife. Kim is famous because of her big behind. What is so big about that, except her big bum, of course? In early South African history, the San (bushmen) were known for their stick-out bums, almost ostrich shaped. Is there some connection here? Please someone, give these girls a cause or something to do with their lives. They have only their looks to trade on and have the collective intelligence of a pea.

Sorry if I sound grumpy today. I can't get over my Rafa losing these past weeks. And I've just survived a three-plane nightmare yesterday. I was invited to an event in Nelspruit where my film Confessions of a Gambler was being shown, and there was a mess-up with my flights, a mess-up in the toilets where the floors were wet, the toilet was stinking, and there was not a scrap of toilet paper, and no seats on the toilets. How would you feel if you had to hold in your pee for six hours? And then the best part, when I finally arrived back at midnight at Cape Town airport, no one was there to fetch me. Lying in bed now trying to recover.

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My Underground Attic said...

So sorry you had to endure something so unnessary, quite unacceptable actually!
I fully agree with your view on those bloomin' Kardashians. It doesn't take much to keep the interest of the broad public. What does that say about public intelligence? The only thing that annoys me more than the Kardashians is the "Girls of the Playboy Mansion." No, I don't watch it, I simply know it exists. Utter crap!