May 30, 2012

Sugar babies, the new word for thinly veiled prostitution

Some of you know that I have a gripe with Dr Phil every so often and all in good spirit. He just aggravated me to no end with that whole Fred Williams thing. Today, however, I am fully on the side of the host and write this article because it is definitely a topic that young women should be made aware of.

Today when the show opened, five stunning young women sat on the stage and proudly announced that they were sugar babies and accepted money and gifts. They were careful with their language and could not understand what the fuss was all about. They convinced themselves that it was not immoral and illegal to have sex for money and were quite adamant that they were seen as prostitutes.

They all claimed that they have five or six sugar daddies and tried to convince Dr Phil who we all know takes no guff that taking money or gifts from a sugar daddy for sex is not wrong. Apparently these women are on a site and explicitly invite men to contact them for sex. In the words of one woman, she said something to the effect that men did not want to be with fat, ugly and old women, and they got paid to be in the company of men.

There was a former Federal Prosecutor on the show also who told them it was illegal and they just laughed her off. The uncanny thing about all of this is that these women do not see how shallow and stupid they are. One even said, “If a man wants to drop $300 into my Gucci bag, why should I not take it?” A pimp for one of these women was in the audience and wanted to defend the role of the pimp. When Dr Phil rained down on the girls he made for a side door and took off.

The grand pimp then came on and tried to convince Dr Phil and the audience what a good thing he was doing. These women could save for college, they could meet other wealthy men and it was all a network run like a business. He could not understand why the audience and Dr Phil couldn’t see his point. We were told that there was now a man in the audience whose twenty year old daughter was trolling the site as he spoke. He came on the show to see for himself and what he could do to prevent his daughter from getting involved in such a site.

Parents beware! This is a multi million dollar business. Know where your girls are. Make sure you have a good relationship with your kids so you don’t have a child selling her body for sex. These women are sad and pathetic despite their sexy appearance; sadder than this is the fact that they really believe they will live forever and have no conscience