Aug 21, 2012

Real estate lawyer Kansas City

Real estate lawyer Kansas city laws involve the rights to own, lease, and use the property and whatever is on it which includes the ability to hold interests in real estate, relations with neighbors, landlord and tenant issues, transferring interests, property financing which further deals with deeds and mortgages as well as commercial leasing, condominium law, neighbors and pets and much more.

Discrimination and Residential Estate Law

A homeowner cannot discriminate against you if you are a minority. The law covers race, religion, gender, age, national origin and if you are disabled. Mortgage lenders cannot discriminate against you should you apply for a real estate lawyer Kansas City loan. They cannot refuse to give you a loan to buy in a minority neighborhood. A real estate agent cannot charge you a high sales commission for selling your home if you are an African American. Gender-based identity is’ becoming less acceptable and laws are beginning to protect gay people from housing discrimination. Washington and Oregon as well as sixteen states do not allow housing discrimination based on gender identity. In 2011 President Barack Obama included a sexual orientation and gender identity in antidiscrimination laws for federal home lending programs.

Minority redlining unlawful

A mortgage lender cannot refuse a residential loan to an Asian woman and also cannot give a man a better interest rate just because he is a man. You must still qualify for a loan based on other criteria, but you must be fairly treated. Real estate lawyer Kansas City means fair treatment for everyone. Redlining is when unfair loans are offered to people in high minority locations. What this means is that a bank cannot charge a higher interest rate for buying a house in a Latino area for instance; that is against the law. Lenders can be sued and fined for indulging in this practice.

Landlord and Tenant Act

Anything can go wrong with buying or selling a property; the property might be unsafe, the rent may be in arrears, or any number of things. Sometimes issues are resolved without the assistance of an attorney and in other situations legal assistance might be necessary. At such times you need experienced real estate lawyer Kansas City experience to step in and protect your financial and personal rights whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

Difference between rental agreements and leases

There is a difference between a rental agreement and a lease. A rental agreement is a document that provides for a short period of tenancy. A tenancy agreement is renewed at the end of the period unless the tenant or the landlord provides written notice to the other party that it will not be renewed. This is a month-to-month rental. At this time a landlord may also opt to change the terms of the agreement. This is subject to certain limitations such as rent control laws depending on which state the property is located in. A lease on the other hand binds the parties to a longer period of time such as six months or a year. As long as the tenant does not default with the rent and abides by other requirements, it is a valid lease. When the lease has reached the end of the period, the parties are required to sign a new lease; a lease is not automatically renewed.

Landlord rights and responsibilities

Real estate lawyer Kansas City protects the rights of the parties in the event of a problem. Let’s say the tenant is in arrears with his rent, or has rave parties in his apartment every night which keep other tenants up, a landlord has the right to evict the tenant and retain the security deposit. A tenant also may have the right to break a lease from a rental property if the landlord fails to make the necessary repairs to a leaking roof or to make the property more habitable. Rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants are determined by state law, not federal law and repercussions and solutions can vary from state to state. When problems start to happen it is time to bring in ‘experienced real estate lawyer Kansas City to protect your rights. Laws are intricate and each case is different. There are many law firms who specialize in Kansas City real estate laws and rights.



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