Jul 6, 2012

Are you a serial bully?

Do you pick on someone weaker and younger than you and are you devious, deceptive and manipulative? According to Bully Online there are three types of serial bullies; the attention-seeker, the guru, the wannabe and the sociopath. Winston Churchill had this to say about serial bullies: “The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

Deconstructing a serial bully

A serial bully has a dual Jekyll and Hyde nature; vile, vindictive and scathing in private and charming in front of others. He is a master of deception, shallow and superficial with fine words but no substance. He is often described as smooth and slippery and is unusually skilled in knowing what people want to hear. Emotionally retarded and in a state of arrested development, he is untrustworthy and not a person to be relied upon. There is a long list of adjectives to describe the serial bully but this will suffice except to add that he is also a control freak and arrogant.

Other types of bullies

The above profile is relevant to the serial bully but there are other types of abusers also, including bullies in the workplace, bullies in the neighborhood, con artists and swindlers, abusive and violent partners, sexual abusers, rapists, sociopaths, serial killers and the like. You can be sure that someone who is a serial abuser in the workplace is also a serial bully at home. A wolf can’t change his coat. The above offenders commit criminal offences for which one can be arrested; a serial bully commits mostly offences where one is safe from the law. He is also a coward.

Most serial bullies have unhappy private lives and if he should have you in his sight and start to stalk you and you decide to sue him make sure to dig into his past where you are bound to unearth some unsavory information which can be of help to your case. Serial bullies operate under the radar; they are like sniffing dogs. Go online for the different types of serial bullies and in depth information on the subject.


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