Jul 1, 2012

Signs of a good friend

Have you been friends with someone for such a long time that you instinctively know how they think and how they would react to a problem? And is your foundation of respect so secure that you would know if the accusation made about the person is true? Below are some signs which will indicate whether you have a genuine friend or just a user.

• If you have an accident at work, would your friend take off a few hours and take you to hospital?

• Would she visit you daily and bring food or a gift or a good book to read and sit with you until visiting times are over?

• Hospital food is bland and boring and everyone knows that. Would she make your favorite dish and bring it to you when you are back home and able to care for yourself?

• Would she visit and sit by your bedside and read to you your favorite passage in Gone with the Wind or any other book she loves?

• Would you be there for each other if one of you were having a baby and want to share the experience?

• Is your faith in your friend so secure that you would outright reject something nasty someone said about her?

• Would you lend your friend five thousand dollars without asking her when she would give it back? You know her and there is no need to talk about it as she knows your situation and that she has to repay the loan without being asked.

• Would you trust your friend with your boyfriend at the movies if they expressed a desire to go and you can’t make it?

• Are you able to share your innermost thoughts with her and know that the exchange will not be shared with others?

• Do you watch sports programs together and share your lustful thoughts about the tennis champions – and do you both love Nadal and wish you had been born in Mallorca and met him?

Good friends are hard to find and sometimes romantic relationships even break up because the man in the middle just is not enough and no longer cuts it. With such a friend you share everything.