Jun 12, 2012

Hatred from the mouths of babes

With all the turmoil in the world and people trying to spread love and goodwill it was with shock that I watched a video on the internet and saw a father teach his young son of seven how to hate. The father stood one side, off camera, and coached his son what to say. The placard in his hand read GOD HATES GAYS AND FAGGOTS. The son was part of a group of the Westboro Baptist Church whose job it was to spread hate. His first words to the interviewer were that he was being taught how to hate faggots and hundreds and hundreds of Jews and that he no longer recognizes his sibling, a young girl of twenty-five because she does not share his beliefs. The baby sister, three years old, told her that she must go and leave the house. The mother agreed with the father and taught his family how to hate.

Instead of playing with kites and running around with a ball in the park, he was part of his father’s contingent to spread hate. How does one deal with this? The parents should be prosecuted for creating unrest in the community, and the children will be the ones who will suffer as adults if their parents don’t stop. Members believe that the Bible is the literal law of God and the penalty for violation is eternal damnation. The reason for doing this is that the United States condones homosexuality, abortion and divorce and that all Americans are going to hell.

The young boy continued and said, “You get destroyed and you get put in hell. Hell is like a burning place where it can never be stopped burning and it can burn millions of people every day.” He also adds that ‘enablers’ of homosexuality, including all citizens of the US are destined for hell. Aside from daily pickets they also accompany their parents across the country and drop in at funerals holding signs against other religions, gays and public figures proclaiming that God hates anyone not in line and praising God for taking lives.

How do you stop this kind of hatred? Whatever good is being one on the one hand is being destroyed by evil on the other hand. The best one can do is to protect one’s family from the scourge of such thinking and to educate one’s children. The father as the head of the house has to direct his family towards love and goodwill and being valuable citizens or we will forever hate.


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