Jan 5, 2012

Reversing Osteoporosis

In winter, do you find that your joints are stiffer than usual and that you have difficulty getting out of bed? Have you been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and found that even with medication you are not feeling your best? We are all getting older and a little stiffness here and there in the body is not unusual, but constant back pain and joint pain is an indication that your body is out of balance and that something is wrong. 
In a new book, Author and Health Expert, Matt Traverso claims in How to Reverse Osteoporosis Now that many medications actually increase the side effects and complications of osteoporosis by depleting vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your body.

The author claims that the condition is simply a symptom of a very fundamental and dangerous imbalance within your body and that osteoporosis is simply the initial way it is manifesting itself in your body – that it is the least of your worries. In plain language, osteoporosis is not a disease, but a symptom of your true disease inside your body – the root cause of your problem – an outward signal of a damaged terrain that is toxic and acidic. A compromised terrain is a breeding ground for problems.

The book speaks of a way to simplify the task of making a health-conscious lifestyle adjustment – and of a miraculous scientific discovery that jump starts your body to heal itself and restore health. As your balance is restored you start to experience renewed energy, absence of aches and pains and your symptoms associated with osteoporosis will disappear. The book tells you which supplements you should take to stop the symptoms and boost your body’s ability to reverse osteoporosis. Following the steps and instructions, your body will eventually recover completely, and give you back your health and freedom from a life of taking drugs.

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