Dec 23, 2012

Questions which have never been satisfactorily answered

If you cannot answer these questions can you at least think about them and let me have your random thoughts? It might help you make your New Year resolutions and help answer some life questions for scholars.

Q1          Is there any record anywhere of someone who came back from the dead or a near-death experience to confirm there is an after-life? What evidence is there of an after-life and heaven and hell?

Q2          How does one reconcile free will and predestination? If your death is set for a certain hour of a certain day in a certain year, how is there free-will?

Q3          At the time of the Nicene Creed in 325 Constantine did not know what to make of Jesus and said he just called him the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. If this is true, how do those words make Jesus God?

Q4          Why was the Gospel of Barnabas not included in the Bible? It is this writer’s understanding that there is mention of the last prophet Muhamad in those gospels – not by name but by such terms as the Comforter and so. Correct me with references if I am wrong. 

Q5          Were the two angels in white standing guard at the tomb not friends of Jesus who belonged to a religious group called the Essenes? In the Bible it states that there were two men in white standing at the mouth of the tomb. It makes sense as it was the Sabbath and Jesus’s wounds could not be immediately seen to. Appearing in public then after a few days when his wounds had been treated and after some rest, it would appear that he had risen when in fact he had never been dead in the first place.

Q6          In both the Bible and the Quran it states that heaven and hell are places of rivers and gardens and all things spiritual. How do we know this? Go online and contact me at

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