Nov 1, 2012

Should we place value in the Nostradamus predictions?

Often when there has been a natural disaster the seers come out of the closet and make their own predictions as to whether the predictions are right or wrong.  Like anything else one has to take it with a pinch of salt until the truth can be established. Can it be established? The thing that worries is how the names of Diane, the late princess, and the names of cities were known at that time. When you come across one error you immediately lose faith in the writer who did not perform enough research. Are there other mistakes? And who has the right answers? Having said that, where there is a fire you usually have someone at the other end with a lighter in his hand. The predictions are not mere nonsense. There are people who have special gifts. 

Look to the holy books
If you read the Bible or the Qur’an you will see that God talks about the coming of the end. The answers are inside us; we are not ready yet to accept them. One can sometimes get so close that we want to make things fit. Although countries were not known by the names we know today, there have been predictions about wars and disasters in different parts of the world which have come true; in fact, the seer made over one thousand predictions, half of which have come about. Nostradamus began to practice the occult and was a physician prior to that. He was highly gifted and wrote his predictions in the form of quatrains – a group of four lines – and spoke of what he felt he knew. Whether he used calendars, maps, or astrology to determine his findings is immaterial.

The atom bomb, Hitler, Lady Diane, 9/11, World Wars
Nostradamus’ prediction of a new leader coming, Hitler, was uncanny and accurate; also the death of the Princess of Wales. Who would have believed that a popular princess loved by all would die in a car crash? She was the most protected person at the time. Her death was sudden and shocking and a great tragedy. And what does one say about the devastation of 9/11 or the super storms and hurricanes? Why is it mostly happening in one part of the world? At these times one looks to God for answers. I believe that it is more than accidental and one should look at the way we live. Whether all these predictions are considered nothing more than words on paper, there is always a grain of truth. God did not reveal all his secrets to us. We will have to ponder our actions and behavior and take cognizance of the fact that we are mere human beings. When the sun turns to darkness and the mountains are split asunder only then will we know the truth.