Apr 11, 2012

Mecca Diaries and Eyes of the Sky

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Loving Jerry Springer

Dr Phil, you say? Oprah? No way. Jerry Springer is where the real psychological madness goes on and guests can express themselves and their true nature surfaces. We all have it in us to misbehave in public, but we choose to keep certain aspects of our lives private. I used to hate the show and all its trappings, especially the host, Jerry where people cheered and chanted Jerry! Jerry! when he came on stage and showed us what a genius he really is. He is not pretentious about the show. He knows what the show represents and what others say about it, and he has a laugh at all of us with our reserved views. Not even Oprah or Dr Phil has his wit. He has a dry sense of humor and the show is worth watching just for the jibes. Still, the Jerry Springer show is not all fighting bodies and falling chairs, but provides a real platform for people with problems who would not be ordinarily heard.

A bizarre hour of madness

When a guest or a contestant enters the studio he knows what he is there for. He wants action, bizarre stories and even more bizarre behavior. He has no control over himself once he enters the Springer arena. There are the good-looking bodyguards, the drunk Reverend who performs wedding nuptials and couples who actually take the whole thing seriously. They tell their stories to greedy viewers who wait anxiously for the first punch. The show allows them to behave at their worst – throwing pudding at a contestant, fighting on the floor like animals, telling the most bizarre stories in their life and sharing them with the world. At a Jerry Springer show you can bare your breasts for cheap beads, drop your drawers and show your bum to the audience. Yet… we watch on. We laugh. We hold our breaths. We disguise our disgust. It is television at its most bizarre and disgusting. Fat women with big bellies go on the pole while Jerry walks slowly up and down the aisles knowing that this madness only lasts for an hour and he can go home to his fancy dwelling.

My sister stole my man

Still, in Jerry’s favor, outrageous as it may seem, he helps people. The outraged guest who is there to accost her sister as to why she stole her man, is there to get some revenge. She can let it out with punches and pulling hair even if her dress is torn and she is standing in her underwear. Jerry is not a stupid presenter, he is an acute businessman. Terrible as this is going to sound, watching the show does provide relief and you can be thankful to return to your own home where you can be human once again. Jerry’s wrap-up at the end when he becomes serious and delivers a few poignant words shows he understands the true nature of man. All he is doing is provide an arena where for an hour they can be true to themselves. Jerry! Jerry!


Is your child a killer in the making?

This is a hard and serious question, but we cannot sweep it aside. There are clear symptoms that manifest in early childhood. Some parents don’t want to recognize that there is a problem until something serious happens like your ten year old son killing his dog, swinging the cat by its tail against the wall, or anything that involves cruelty to animals. Being cruel to a pet is a big sign. Hurting a sibling, like fighting and breaking her arm is another big warning. Don’t think that the child will outgrow this. There is a reason why he indulges in this kind of behavior. It is not even the same as bullying as bullying entails another person who has agreed to be involved in a fight. Breaking your sister’s arm on purpose is evil. How did the child become evil? When did it start? What can reverse this kind of malice? Normally children who are ten and older have developed enough sense and some values to know that harming a living thing such as a pet is wrong. Hurting animals is against God’s wishes. This is not normal playing and behavior.

Psychological profile

According to a review of psychological and criminal research by child psychologist, Robert R. Butterworth, Ph.D., children with early and delinquent functioning and who do not get along with other children and have disruptive families and abusive parents are most prone to act out their rage through murder. There are other signs such as the child being a loner, having no friends, and doing poorly in school. These children often come from homes where the parents are indifferent and neglectful and deal harshly with their kids and they themselves indulge in physical punishment. Children who kill also often feel they have no place in society. Anyone who watches popular forensics sciences programs know the profile of killers like Dahmer and other serial killers who have had a wretched childhood resulting in extreme loneliness and feeling like an outcast, who later kill. Butterworth goes on to say that children killing have invaded the heartland of America, and that all children are at risk. He states further that until it is known what makes these kids tick, that it is dangerous to release them into society.


Profile of a Narcissist

• You have to be the center of attention when you enter a room. You have chutzpah, panache, appear self confident and in charge, but there is a person with low self-esteem lurking underneath.

• You believe that you are better than others and have to have the best car, the best job, the best girl on your arm, and always have to have the best solution for everything.

• You become angry and frustrated when people do not listen to you. You want people to say something positive about you all the time but you never return the favor.

• You fantasize about having a wealthy existence and think about power and success all the time.

• You have trouble keeping friends for a long period of time and often people just tire of you and move on.

• When someone has realized success you congratulate the person but you are secretly jealous of his or her achievement.

• You have some good but also crazy ideas and want people to participate in your schemes and go along with you.

• You are insecure and think people are jealous of you.

• You are totally unaware of how you treat others and expect people to do favors for you all the time.

• When you are in the company of people beneath your station in life you make them aware of their shortcomings.

• You can rib others but you cannot take a joke when it is aimed at you.

• You act tough and in charge but you are really fragile underneath that brave exterior you show to the world.

• You come across as boastful and pretentious and do not make a good impression. People see through you right away.

• You will read this profile and claim that you are not a narcissist, but you are. Narcissism is in fact a borderline disease, and can be treated. Perhaps you are bipolar? Perhaps you need help? Perhaps there really is a personality that wants to emerge but does not know how? The best person to answer this question is a doctor and you should in fact consult one.