May 11, 2012

Tips on conducting yourself when attending court for a custody hearing

It is necessary to establish that for most custody cases it is usually the man who has the money for the best legal defense and that your lawyer will not match his. Lawyers employ all kinds of tactics to seek favor for their client and will stop at nothing to win the case. He will be confident and smiling and you will be the meek little lamb. It is not unreasonable to be upset. You are angry and it shows. He will look good to the judge and you will come across as the nagging, angry wife. This article will prepare you for your day in court.

What to wear and how to behave

• Choose a classic suit and a silk blouse. Don’t wear killer hills or garish colors. The idea is to be classic and conservative and to appear strong. Have your long hair swept up and out of your face; don’t go for a pony tail. You are not looking for a date.

• Wear natural lipstick or lip gloss and don’t chew gum while you are in the courtroom. It is tacky.

• Keep quiet and let your lawyer earn his money. Don’t alienate the judge by talking too much.

• Don’t turn to look at your husband as he is counting on you to be rattled so that he can gain control and get everything he wants.

• If he talks to you, show that you are in control by speaking to him in a civil manner. Remember, defense lawyers are sharks. They don’t get paid all that money for nothing.

• Know your rights. Your husband knows his.

• Don’t interrupt court proceedings and draw attention to yourself. The world is watching. Even though you can’t take it, you have to bear through it. The prize at stake is your children.

• Control yourself. When a witness is asked to answer questions and says the wrong thing, don’t shout from your seat that it is not so. Show courage. Let your lawyer answer. Errant husbands will put on a grand show by smiling affably, waiting for you to say the wrong thing. His affability will only last as long as he is in court.