May 1, 2012

Best writing sites for online writers

After two years of searching and trying out different sites, and singing the praises of Experts Column which I will continue to do, I have now finally found the writing site that best suits me and pays me for my hard and continuous writing. And to think I came across it when I wasn’t really looking and almost let it slip through my fingers.

Comparing quality online writing sites

Don’t bother with Freelancer. You will wait until doomsday to find the right employer, the right articles, the best pay, and the best writing environment. The employers at Freelancer know that the competition is stiff and expect writers to write 500 word articles for a dollar or half a dollar. I write for five sites: Triond, Experts Column, Wikinut (deader than a door nail site) but I have almost a pound invested there, Red Gage, Bukisa, and now Knoji. All these sites are easy to navigate and have their own little perks. Knoji is the big cahuna providing you can write quality articles which are carefully reviewed before being approved. When you start with them you have to write five successful articles one after the other to qualify for a bonus; this besides getting paid for the article. If one of the five articles gets rejected, you break the chain and have to start at the beginning. At five successful articles in a row, your account is upgraded, you publish the work yourself and instantly, and get paid really well.

Getting Started

A good way for a newbie to start is to first make sure you understand what is required of you; writing that informs, quality writing, good grammar, no mistakes, proper formatting, and writing about subjects that are prevalent and people want to know about. Some writers have the nerve to apply for a writing job and do not even bother to read over their work before submitting. Poor writing, poor information, and mistakes will not be tolerated at Knoji. Do your research well. Working at Knoji requires that you have interesting information to share with your readers. They pay for writing comments, answers and other tasks. They are by far the best writing site in my estimation. At Experts Column I have already accumulated $9 plus in three weeks. I have vowed to earn $30 a day within the next two months. Don’t forget; this is passive income and will be paid to me for as long as I live.