Dec 29, 2011

Ten Effective Brain Foods for Parkinson’s sufferers

The brain is very much like the motherboard of the body or the engine of a car. It’s no use buying rims for the vehicle if the transmission is busted. You have to fix the heart first. Here are ten effective super brain foods to improve concentration, memory, mood, and disposition. Some of these items are already on our menu. See how you can integrate them into your diet for a saner, clear-headed you.
1              Wild Salmon – rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – helps your brain develop tissue for increasing brain power.
2              Coffee – contains anti-oxidants and is known to reduce Alzheimers and age-related cognitive disorders. This excludes sweet and sugary coffee drinks.
3              Mixed nuts is a potpourri of good health – walnuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids – almonds contain natural mood enhancing neurotransmitters – nuts also promote mental clarity and strong memory.
4              Egg yolks are rich in choline, an essential nutrient to improving memory function.
5              Avocados – a great tasting fruit that promotes blood flow and known for reducing blood pressure.
6              Flax seeds – a healthy fat that aids the cerebral cortex to function better – part of the brain responsible for processing sensory information.
7              Blueberries should really be first or second on the list. Eating blueberries improves memory function; they are high in anti oxidants and aids in preventing free radical damage.
8              Dark chocolate – rich in anti oxidants, it improves focus and concentration.
9              Whole grains are excellent brain foods and improve circulation.
10            Broccoli – a vegetable we have all tasted and enjoyed. Eat this great tasting veggie to improve memory function as well as stave off aging.

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