Dec 29, 2011

You are what you eat - Healthy alternatives

Are you one of those women who has had a bad experience and turned to chocolates and biscuits and binge eating for comfort? Do you stuff yourself with foods that are bad for you and afterwards become depressed as you see the pounds pile on? There is real truth in the saying that you are what you eat. You have scoffed muffins and pies and sugary doughnuts and now look like a ring doughnut yourself. Don’t fret. If you have the patience and tenacity, you can turn this around by doing the following in three stages:

Stage 1
·                     Drop the attitude and get real. Being embarrassed about your weight and becoming sarcastic with everyone is not going to help.
·                     Cut out sugar right now; not even a comfort size teaspoon of sugar.
·                     Open the fridge and discard all margarines, creams, fats, and anything containing cholesterol, except olive oil and real cream.
·                     Get rid of all cake, biscuits, desserts and sugary products. Replace with fruit and crunchy vegetables.
·                     Open the meat section and throw out wieners and sausages and any other meat products and/or salami which contain fat except for skinless chicken breasts.
·                     Discard fizzy drinks and invest in mineral water.
Have you noticed that exercise has not been mentioned yet? That is because you first have to get rid of the junk food in the house. You first have to have a willingness to accept that you have to lose weight and want to do it, and you first have to have a plan.

Stage 2
·                     There is no easy way around this except to do it. Draw up a plan that includes an hour or less every day to take a walk with a friend or go by yourself to the beach, the park, or any place where you are able to get at least forty minutes worth of exercise.
·                     Start with stretching exercises of ten minutes first thing in the morning.
·                     Do some meditation and think of yourself as a thin person.
·                     Get some books on healthy eating for recipes you can make for one.
·                     Stay away from sweets, rice, bread , biscuits or any kind of flour. Drink lots of water.
·                     Always read the ingredients on the package for hidden sugars.
·                     If you like riding a bike but are afraid to ride too far, get a stationary recumbent bike which gives good back support and makes it less wearing on the knees.
·                     Try to do a little more as far as exercising every day.
·                     You are what you eat; love yourself by staying away from the foods which you know are bad for you. Say goodbye once and for all to deep dish pizza or pizza of any kind and have a bowl of unbuttered but seasoned popcorn instead.


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