Feb 17, 2012

Secrets for a happy marriage

Marriage worked better in the fifties and sixties than it does today because as women became more educated about their rights and their abilities, they became stronger and more confident and some things in the marriage took a back seat to other things and before you knew it, more and more couples split and soon there was a generation of single parents and the picture changed. Couples can get that picture back if they are prepared to work at it. There is nothing like having a great family; a poppa bear, a momma bear, and a cub. 

The old-fashioned way

This article will have little or nothing to do with sex; how to have it, how to serve it up, how to have more sex and less Monopoly. This is about taking the best of what you have gleaned over the years and applied it to your marriage. Whether you are male or female, both of you can benefit by the following tips. 

·                    If you know that your partner likes tea or coffee first thing in the morning, prepare it and give it to him as he prepares to get up. Your partner will like that you are concerned, and it will give the giver a nice warm feeling.

·                    Do some of the things you did at the beginning of your marriage where you woke up the family and had big fluffy pancakes and waffles ready. Remember a sure way to get to your mate’s heart is through his stomach.

·                    If you are at home and not working outside the home, make sure his shirts are dry cleaned and where they should be; in the closet.

·                     Go to a small cinema for an art house movie and have popcorn and hold hands.

·                    When you are in the garden, call your wife on her cell in the house and ask her out on a date. 

·                    Get an old-fashioned box of chocolate and tell her you were thinking of her and how in the old days you used to sit in the car at the drive-in and kiss.

·                    Go out bowling with the whole family on a Saturday night; the kids will love it.

·                    Winter sports activities are a great North American pastime and you can also enjoy taking the family to a skating rink.

·                    Go to church or mosque or the synagogue with the family; a family that prays together, stays together.

·                    One of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is respect. When you respect, there is love, and when you have love, you have God, and you have everything.

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