Sep 23, 2012

The magic of eggs

Tomatoes and eggs breakfast for 1 person

If you love eggs and are bored with the normal boiled, fried, scrambled or poached eggs, here is a tangy, delicious breakfast for one. The ingredients are simple; the taste is great. Have a pan with a lid or something that can cover the ingredients in a pan. A lid is imperative as it is part of the poaching process. The ingredient are 2 large organic and grain-fed eggs, 6 small tomatoes, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 green or red chilli, a pinch of salt, and 1teaspoon of sugar.

Braise the tomatoes in the pan until they are almost brown. Add the olive oil and stir in with the sugar and salt and chilli. Immediately crack open the two eggs and put on top of the tomato braise. Cook 1 minute at the same high heat, then put on  the lid, switch off the stove, and let it summer for two or three minutes. Take it out of the pan with a spatula, unbroken, and have a delicious breakfast with an Italian roll and an espresso.

Stretching your meal with eggs

Here is a magic trick with eggs stealing space in a pot of hot curry or a tomato bredie. Bredie is a slow cook of meat, onions, spices, tomatoes and potatoes. Cook your curry or your bredie like you always do. To stretch the food or to have eggs in a different way, wait until the curry is cooked, switch off the stove, crack two eggs in the juice in the curry pot, put on the lid and let it simmer. The eggs will be firmly poached, and you can either have it with basmati rice without the meat and save it for the next day’s meal, or eat it as you like. If there are two of you, use four eggs. You have two meals in one and all you have taken out of the pot are the eggs and the juices created by the meat in the pot. Bon appetit!

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