Sep 23, 2012

Rising above a writing slump

Writing for some article writing sites is like a bland marriage getting staler by the minute and you’re at odds whether you should stay on or leave. It is the same grinding out of words, the same advice which needs a freshening-up and unless you address this writing malaise you are apt to slack off and find excuses not to write. It is true; writing five or ten articles at a time is not easy work. You have to research your subject, garner information no one has, put a fresh spin on an old subject, and make it fresh and different every time. When you’re done you repeat the whole cycle – five or ten times a day. 

Things you can do to rise above your slump

·         Depending on the article, change your usual stream-of-consciousness writing - if that is your present style – and work just a bit harder to find that piece of information that will add to your piece. Work the point in a creative way and put more effort into your style.  

·         Research two or three different articles before you start to write. Have a break, get a feel for the piece and write from the heart and not from the magazine page.

·         If the writing gees – spirit - only kicks in after lunch that is the time you should write.

·         Take a break if you start getting bored and go and play tennis with a friend, or read a book.

·         Don’t take on more than you can chew as then you will start to worry about the three remaining articles you still have to research, write and deliver by a certain time.

·         If you are not in the mood for writing, don’t write. You will only be aggravated by the subject. Read a book related to your business or go out.

·         Try soft music in the background to stop you from falling asleep and to kill the dead sound in the room.

·         Take a day off in the week to do your banking and outside activities, watch a movie with a cappuccino and fall asleep. 

·         Get up early the next morning and get to your laptop. Do not switch on the news and do not get up until you have finished the article.


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