Aug 31, 2012

6 Tips to keep readers coming back to your blog

The order of work and play in the internet industry is very much the same as the grab and run tactic in the jungle and beating the competition for the biggest piece of the rump. To be successful an animal never gives up; it knows instinctively what to do, has a strategy and knows what it takes to succeed; hard work, working in concert, and having a plan.

Great tips to keep readers coming back to your blog
1                   Having a blog is not just about having a vehicle to make money; it is much more than that. To keep your readers coming back do more than cursory research on a subject, jot down notes and flesh it out on the page. Search for valuable subjects and good information; that is what people want. If they start to come to your site because you write about a particular niche and do it well, the word spreads and they never close down for the day without popping in at your site. Traffic is the big steal; without traffic there are no views and consequently no money.

2                   Allow RSS feeds to be taken from your blog and allow other websites to publish the same blog. It gets your blog out there and you will have more traffic than ever. Try to do a fresh article every day and find out as much as you can about every successful niche you have. The more you know about a certain subject, the more information you can impart to others. Do not forget about your readers; they want information that answers their questions. They want to know they can rely on the products and the advice.

3                   If you write a number of regular articles every day, for breathers start and answer discussions that will allow you to write snippets and comments and relieve you for an hour or two with light stuff. Give the readers what they want. It is no use writing an article and there is no real information in it. Freshen up old articles you have written six months ago, make some constructive changes and add updated information. This is good when you write reviews.

4                   Use links wherever you are allowed to do so and apply SEO to your blogs. Customize your blog to give yourself all the whistles and bells with new software and new niches that other writers are not writing about.

5                   Establish yourself as a blog master by providing a monthly 1000 word article on a subject that you find people are interested in learning more about. Research tools are for new information; make use of it. If you are a prolific writer on the side for example, have writing competitions to bring traffic to your site. Do whatever you can to bring writers together with your innovative writing and get known as someone who can deliver.

6                   Have a blog that provides fresh information and a particular niche that have not as yet been discovered by other writers. Go on Google Trends for current news and celebrity break-ups. There are lots of areas you can investigate by doing some research and making yourself an expert on the subject.

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