Jul 8, 2012

Ukraine/Russian Dating

The right place to find a wife

Are you tired of being on your own and wondering when that woman you are carrying around in your head is going to materialize? Are you serious about finding a wife and settling down with a Russian or Ukranian girl? Don’t despair. You have come to the right place. Ukraine/Russian dating sites are very much in vogue since mail-order brides became fashionable and there are many sites to choose from and help you find a wife. Here are some fascinating facts about Ukraine/Russian dating sites, the women, their requirements, where they come from, what they are forbidden to do and many other pertinent facts.

1 There are some international dating sites which are absolutely free to join and others where you pay just for the service you want. You publish your profile on the site, upload some pictures and share some information about yourself. After registering on the site you can browse through the ladies gallery and read incoming mail without charge. The site does not accept women’s registration requests through the internet; you have to contact support.

2 Regarding photographs, they must be morally decent and attractive. It is strongly forbidden to post nudity. They review all uploaded photos and reject those which are forbidden. It is also against company policy to put contact details on a profile.

3 International dating sites act mostly as an intermediary between single men from all over the world and brides from Ukraine and Russia. The service provides online communication facilities and the objective is to gather single men and women under one roof and allow them the time to get to know one another.

4 When ladies join the site their profiles and documents are closely inspected. Fake profiles are removed from the site. Women are asked by some men whether they are serious about finding a wife and getting married.

5 Some men are not looking for wives and don’t want to get married and just want to find friends from another country. Apparently men from Christian countries like the United States and Australia are more interesting to Russian and Ukranian women who want to learn English and settle down.

6 Documents from men are carefully scrutinized to ferret out the fakes and the scammers. The site apparently differs from other sites in that they offer exclusive services for single gentlemen and there is live video chat, Romance tours and other attractions. Men can also search for women by stating the color of the eyes and hair they are looking for.

7 Women are not allowed to ask men for money and have to be reported. On outings where mail-order brides are free to spend the day as they wish with the man to become comfortable with each other, the man can opt to pay for everything, or pay nothing.

8 A man can book a tour for himself and the lady he likes and has to provide her ID, date of arrival and how long she is going to stay. If the two of you go alone on the trip, you have to make the arrangements yourself. If you use the Romance Tour service their representatives will take all the responsibility. All in all it appears that enough care is taken to make sure the ladies are protected and that the men looking for a wife should have no trouble finding one.


Replacing old lawn with new sod

Laying sod and installing a new lawn may be time consuming but it will greatly enhance the outside appearance of your home. There are, however, some things to be done first before you can get down to the business of laying the sod. Laying sod can be done any time but it is best during the Spring or Fall when he soil is not frozen.

What to do first

• Seeing as sod takes hours to install it is important that you get it right the first time. You can’t keep the sod in a bag for a week and leave it lying around in the sun. If you are not going to use the soil right away keep it in a shady location. Don’t allow the sod to dry out.

• To install a lawn can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000, so make sure you have the right person to do it, preferably one with knowledge of laying sod.

• Choosing the right sod is important. See that it is similar to your type of soil and site conditions. Some varieties thrive in sunny locations but there are types that will grow in the shade. Go online and find the type that will be best for your area.

Laying the sod

1 Remove the old lawn and pull out weeds and break up the compacted soil with a tiller.

2 Prepare the area prior to laying the sod. While the existing soil may be suitable for laying sod you may want to enhance the soil with organic matter to improve the quality of the soil and rooting process.

3 Spread a starter fertilizer high in phosphorus over the loosened soil. Rake the soil to level it out.

4 Starting at the outer edges, place strips of sod in a brick-like pattern on the area which has been prepared. If you are working on an incline, start work from the bottom upwards. Staple the sod in place with biodegradable sod staples.

5 Once the sod is down roll it to remove air pockets and water it thoroughly. Get the dogs off the lawn until the lawn takes root and becomes well established. Watering the lawn is especially important during the hot summer months.

6 Check that the roots are properly drained and that the lawn is not under a puddle of water. Take care not to hurt the roots and punch holes in the soil for more drainage. Make sure water is draining away from the house.

7 When you are through laying the sod, use the roller again. If you don’t have one you can rent it from an equipment hiring store. Rolling the sod a second time removes air pockets and facilitates in making good contact with the soil.

8 Tools you would need include a tiller, roller, sod, starter fertilizer, soil conditioner and a rake. Your supplier or expert will know during which times, depending on your area, it would be best to lay sod. Obviously, winter is not an option and early Fall and early Spring would be the best times.