Jan 2, 2012

Keeping Your Dog’s Bed fresh

A dog needs his own space and it is therefore important for dogs to have a special place to lie down and relax or sleep on overnight. A common problem using blankets and towels which are not washed and aired regularly attracts unwelcome fleas and ticks which the dog can transfer from his blankets and covers to your bed. The first thing you have to do is get rid of all blankets and towels the dog has slept on. Bed linens and nightclothes have been contaminated and you have to clean everything. Just one flea or tick can cause contamination. Your pet is an important being in your home and is part of the family. An uncomfortable and itchy dog will have him scratching and licking and spreading sores. Here are some important things to do.
*              Vacuum the house thoroughly.
*              Take down the curtains and the bathroom mats and put them in the wash.
*              Wash clothing with an antiseptic and give it an extra rinse.
*              Burn the dust in the vacuum cleaner and keep the dog out of the house.
*              Spray the house with an insect growth regulator. You want to cover all spaces the dog has occupied as fleas move from one spot in a house to the next.
*              Wash the dog with an antiseptic shampoo. Call in pest control to fumigate the whole house.

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