Jan 2, 2012

Planning your baby’s gender

There is nothing more fulfilling and exciting for a woman to have the baby she has always secretly longed for. But what about the couple who has three children already, all girls, and longs to have a boy? Is it wrong to want to choose and tinker with the reproduction process and engineer the gender of the child – irrespective of the harmlessness of the process? The question is enough to stir up debate and whether it is right or wrong only the couple can decide what is right for them. Some people will give anything to have a child, but cannot have one. Some adopt, and yet others have only one chance left to get it right. 

With the techniques in the Plan my Baby package –diet changes, timing intercourse, certain positions, avoiding certain foods and much more – you can realize your dream and conceive the baby in the gender you want. The plan requires that you do certain things at a particular time and there are a lot of techniques to implement. It has apparently been used by hundreds of women and has a 94 per cent success rate. The Plan promises that you will have the baby that you desire if you follow their methods. The package is reasonably priced and promises to deliver or you get your money back.

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