Feb 4, 2012

Entering the dating world in your sixties

When you’ve lived sixty years you have a lifetime of experience and have tasted almost all the opposites in life; love and hatred, happiness and sadness, selfishness and selflessness, good and evil, and there is nothing that is new to you or that you haven’t heard before. A woman who is on her own at sixty more likely does not want to be alone. She has lost her mate or she is divorced and the prospect of being alone is a daunting one. Who is going to want her, she asks herself. Who would find her attractive? What does one do at this time in life on a first date? She would rather hide under the table than answer the question. Still, it does not have to be so. It’s all a matter of perspective and how you look at it.

Looking and feeling ten years younger

Today sixty is the new fifty and a woman of sixty is still very much sexually active and desirable. According to recent articles in the U.K. the home care for seniors report that there is increased sexual activity. In fact, it has been found that seniors have unprotected sex and are less responsible than their children. But how does someone who at sixty has not been really outgoing, has not sharpened up on the latest in technoogy, does not know how to use the internet, find herself a man? She wouldn’t know how to approach it or even how to make the first move. At thirty you can handle rejection; at sixty it is difficult. You balk at the suggestion of friends who tell you to post your photo on an online dating site. You didn’t do it when you were young; it is almost laughable to think that you would want to do it now.

Be prepared for the unknown

However, if you were in a supermarket picking out apples, and they rolled from the shelf and a man with a silver mane helping his daughter with the grandchild came over and helped pick up the apples, and he flashed you a smile and something inside you stirred, that might be the start of something nice. You might consider it then, wouldn’t you? A friendship? A walk in the park? Watching a baseball game? All these things and more can happen. The question is; are you ready if it should happen out of the blue? Would you even recognize that you are being offered a gift?

Keeping young at heart

There are some very attractive women in their sixties who can still teach a younger woman a trick or two. It’s not all about looks. It’s about spirit and love, companionship. It’s about wanting to know more about the other person. It’s about friendship. Can you hold each other’s interests for two hours just talking on the porch? Is it stimulating and also a little arousing? If you are ready to meet that man, you will attract him to you. Don’t think on it. Just farm it out to the universe and let it go. In the meantime, don’t wait around the house. Get involved in the community. Work with children. Throw out those old cardigans and outdated pants and get yourself a new wardrobe. Play with your grandchildren. Get a bike and go out riding. Treat yourself and a friend to lunch. Volunteer to help patients at the local hospital. Talk to strangers if they should come up to you. The man you are waiting for may be one of them.