Jan 2, 2012

Planning your baby’s gender

There is nothing more fulfilling and exciting for a woman to have the baby she has always secretly longed for. But what about the couple who has three children already, all girls, and longs to have a boy? Is it wrong to want to choose and tinker with the reproduction process and engineer the gender of the child – irrespective of the harmlessness of the process? The question is enough to stir up debate and whether it is right or wrong only the couple can decide what is right for them. Some people will give anything to have a child, but cannot have one. Some adopt, and yet others have only one chance left to get it right. 

With the techniques in the Plan my Baby package –diet changes, timing intercourse, certain positions, avoiding certain foods and much more – you can realize your dream and conceive the baby in the gender you want. The plan requires that you do certain things at a particular time and there are a lot of techniques to implement. It has apparently been used by hundreds of women and has a 94 per cent success rate. The Plan promises that you will have the baby that you desire if you follow their methods. The package is reasonably priced and promises to deliver or you get your money back.

HGH – Smaller to Taller?

Is it true that there is a hormone or hormones out there that can help you grow in height and become taller? If you are looking to increase your stature it might be worth your while to do some research on human growth hormone. According to Wikipedia, for an adult who is deficient in growth hormone (GH), GH replacement therapy can provide a number of benefits which would include having improved bone density, increased muscle mass, and a decrease of adipose tissue. They would also experience a strengthened immune system with an increased circulatory system, and improved lipid levels.

As far as dosage, for severe adult deficiency, growth hormone is usually prescribed as daily injections. Despite the potential benefits, however, most GH deficient adults are not being treated because they are not seeking medical care and don’t want to be injected. An article published in 2010 indicates that Growth hormone replacement unequivocally benefits growth, body composition, cardiovascular risk factors and quality of life. It has a strong anabolic effect that causes enlargement of the muscle cells by increased protein synthesis. HGH also causes an increase in the body’s utilization of body fat. Another benefit is that it strengthens connective tissue, cartilage and tendons. Not a lot is known about the effects of Human Growth Hormone on learning and memory. Consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking HGH to make sure it is safe for you to take.

Keeping Your Dog’s Bed fresh

A dog needs his own space and it is therefore important for dogs to have a special place to lie down and relax or sleep on overnight. A common problem using blankets and towels which are not washed and aired regularly attracts unwelcome fleas and ticks which the dog can transfer from his blankets and covers to your bed. The first thing you have to do is get rid of all blankets and towels the dog has slept on. Bed linens and nightclothes have been contaminated and you have to clean everything. Just one flea or tick can cause contamination. Your pet is an important being in your home and is part of the family. An uncomfortable and itchy dog will have him scratching and licking and spreading sores. Here are some important things to do.
*              Vacuum the house thoroughly.
*              Take down the curtains and the bathroom mats and put them in the wash.
*              Wash clothing with an antiseptic and give it an extra rinse.
*              Burn the dust in the vacuum cleaner and keep the dog out of the house.
*              Spray the house with an insect growth regulator. You want to cover all spaces the dog has occupied as fleas move from one spot in a house to the next.
*              Wash the dog with an antiseptic shampoo. Call in pest control to fumigate the whole house.

Overnight Acne Cure for a smoother and supple skin

Acne is not something that only affects teens; it can happen to anyone. A greasy skin, closed pores, blackheads and whiteheads all contribute to the unattractive skin condition that plagues many people. In plain words, pores over-produce cells and sometimes get blocked and bacteria starts to grow. Does what you put in your body play a part? It does. Does drinking lots of water and eating fruit and vegetables help balance the body? Yes. Pimples and acne can also come about because of a vitamin deficiency in the body, as well as being under stress. 

There is no one particular thing that produces acne. It is caused by a combination of factors. Acne occurs in most people who have oily skin, have large pores, are always stressing about something and not following a proper diet. Read articles and e-guides on acne and learn how you can clear up your skin and see overnight results and a softer smoother skin in twenty four hours. Always wash your hands before you start work on your face. With the right care and treatment you can go from a pimply, oily, scarred skin to skin that is smooth and supple.