Jun 18, 2012

Should you work together in the same office

You should not. You have heard the proverb ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. You don’t want to overdo your time together. You want to leave work and leave behind the office and its work-related problems and come home to a family where you can spend time together and do activities with the kids.

Foreseeable problems in the workplace

• If a woman owns the business she would want advice from her husband but would like it to be her business and her project. There could be moments of embarrassment if both of you don’t agree on how to solve a business problem and you forget you are at work and lash out.

• Employees are good observers. They will sense if there is something wrong with the relationship and tell other employees and the workplace becomes a place for gossip and people start to leave.

• If your relationship is not sound in the first place the worst thing you can do for your business is fight in front of the staff. You lose respect from the staff and soon they will disrespect you.

• Don’t make a confidant of one of the employees and tell her your family problems. You will regret it.

• Spending 24 hours a day together can also become claustrophobic and rob you of time alone and fun with the rest of the family as you will bring your work problems home.

Keep things in perspective

• Make a point of taking two nights off a week where both of you take a break and spend time with your family.

• Don’t bring the accounts and books home with you – and don’t talk about your work all the time. If you have kids they need care and you should spend time listening to their needs and what they have to say.

• Take at least one or two afternoons off after school that the children know is time that will be spent taking them out. There are many activities for families, and a zoo is also a great place to visit as everyone loves animals.

• Don’t talk about business all the time and invite people from work for barbecues, unless they are family and friends. One needs a break from the working environment.

• Give the kids a bonding session by having a movie night on Friday nights and all of you cuddle up on the couch and make popcorn or pancakes. Your family is more important than your work.


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