May 6, 2012

Things you should know when entering the world of article writing

It stands to reason that one might be able to write, but there are many things which have to be learned first before one can attempt writing articles. For one thing, a writer friend of mine wanted to write for my site, but did not even know what SEO- search engine optimization - stood for. I at least knew that, but must admit that I am not a fast learner when in comes to the technical side of SEO. I learned to submit and navigate through the various sites by trial and error. I spent almost two years understanding enough where I can post anywhere. However, there are areas of article writing that must be understood before the writer can sit down and write. The following can be troublesome for new writers.

• What is a link? How does it work? What is the meaning behind having it?

• How do you place a widget and what is the purpose of having one?

• There are links and hyper links. What are the differences and how do you use it?

• Downloading and uploading. Do you know what to do when downloading fails?

• Blogging as opposed to straight article writing.

• Rules of the game; they are different for every site.

• Understanding the terms and conditions of the site you are writing for.

• The frustration of getting help in that you sometimes wait days for a reply.

• How to write an article.

• How to write a review.

• Understanding trafficking and writing good content.

• Learning the business of grinding out good quality articles.

There is no reason to feel overwhelmed. You will learn all of this as you navigate the sites you are interested in. Take time to research your topics and think about how you want the article to go. I cannot stress enough the importance of good grammar and formatting. You want an attractive article for the buyer to look at. Research basic SEO on the internet and learn all about links and hyperlinks. Also make a list of your questions you wish to ask so that you can query all of them at the same time. In the meantime, if someone can tell me exactly how to create a widget successfully, I would be most appreciative. I recently tried on Bukisa, copied the code, but did not know where to place it. When I put it in my browser, hell broke loose on the page.