Jan 7, 2012

Great iPhones and iPad Products at a Glance!

Christmas is over. The New Year has come and gone and last year’s wrapping paper is already forgotten. iPads and iPhones however and other spectacular deals are not at an end yet. Here are some gifts that require no special occasion to receive one, but giving just for the sake of giving.

A full online video tutorial course with over 100 produced videos in 12 weekly modules to teach iPad users how to get the most out of their new purchase – also known as the iPad for Idiots. The course covers every feature of the iPad.

Use the easy iPad set-up called hidePad to protect your data when in private places, with a hassle-free solution and prevent identity theft and hackers breaking into your system. 

Create your own App iPhone Training Program and explore the world’s most advanced mobile operating system – have 40 hours of intensive training – experiment with code labs and real source code – code your own apps using advanced technology – and much more.

Read up on the subject and publish your own eBook Apps for the iPhone and iPad.    

Get iPad Video Lessons for everything you need to know about iPads and get real value out of your purchase.

If you have always wanted to make movies or documentaries, you can make videos with your iPhone. Learn how to do it.

Create iPhone Apps even though you have no programming experience – or create an iPhone or iPad Apps and Games and make money with it.

If you are a film buff and like to watch or review movies, you have a vast array of genres and movies to choose from by downloading movies from a particular site. Have a night out with your favorite actors.

Here is another site on downloading movies you can add, and do it legally.


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