Aug 28, 2012

Is green coffee the real thing to lose weight

We have all heard of coffee beans and that it is good for you, and in particular, that you can lose weight by trying it. Some people have tried it with some success, and some have not stuck with it long enough for it to work. However, one thing was common with all those who had tried it, that if nothing else green coffee makes you feel good and you can lose up to six pounds in two weeks. No exercise is required and no dieting. Was this true? It was at long last taken notice of and the following was reported by various individuals who explained it all very simply. The women who tried it and lost weight wanted to learn what was in the green coffee that was so different from other pills and supplements and this is what they found; that green coffee contained chlogenic acid, and that Asian scientists discovered that if you consumed green coffee before meals that you could lose 30% of body fat and change the look of cellulite.

If all this is true it is indeed great news for those consumers wanting to lose weight and also big news for the weight-loss industry who are seeking a natural source of energy rather than energy drinks. Apparently green coffee gives you all the energy and benefits without making you feel jittery. The women who told of their experience drinking green coffee approached a local Phoenix doctor for the secret behind the product's success and were told that green coffee slowed down the rate the body metabolized sugar and that this was a key component to gaining weight or slowing down the weight gain process. The doctor was one of the experts who helped develop one of the only green coffee products being sold in the United States.

According to Wikipedia green coffee is coffee produced from beans that are not roasted. This is an important piece of information. When the beans are ground and brewed the coffee has little taste and is used in Arabic coffee. This same coffee is consumed by billions of people who drink it in the morning before roasting it to the color of brown we are all familiar with. It is all natural and good for you. Clinical and double blind studies have shown that not only can one lose weight the green coffee can significantly reduce your chances of contracting type-2 diabetes, gall stones in men, and possibly lower bad cholesterol which all of us know can be dangerous if not treated.

Research indicates that Dr Joe Vinson presented results of research in March 2012 where he had performed a random double blind placebo-controlled study which showed significant correlation between green coffee consumption and weight loss. Only 16 people were involved; the study was funded by a manufacturer. Another study of ten individuals ingested green coffee extract which established that cholinergic compounds were bio-available; no clinical relevance for the results was established as yet by the authors of the study.

If green coffee beans prove to be the answer for many individuals who are struggling with weight gain and obesity it will be amazing that a green little bean that has been under our noses for more than a thousand years can be so powerful. If it works it will indeed be sold out on the premise that it is all natural, good for you, and more importantly, help you reduce weight gain without dieting and without exercise. This will indeed be a revolutionary experience.

As far as green coffee supplements are concerned one should never attempt to use unknown pills over the counter without enough knowledge. So how does one test it? One answer would be if you are a regular coffee drinker who is used to caffeine and there are no additives added, that it should not affect you at all; in fact you should actually feel better. To satisfy yourself do go online and read up on the subject and take a look at reviews and comments left by consumers. You will sometimes learn more information there. Last, speak to consumers who have bought the product and make up your own mind as to its validity and success.


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