Jan 4, 2012

Losing weight and keeping it off

Aren’t you tired of trying diet after diet with the same sad result? You go at it for a few days, stand on the scale, are not satisfied and then eat out of frustration? Or, you go at it for a few weeks, lose two pounds to your amazement, think you can squeeze in that chocolate or exotic drink because it has pineapple in it and put on the two pounds and give up? You are not going to lose weight until you first win the battle in your head. You are not ready. You want to be seen to be doing something about your weight, but you are not really serious about drawing up an eating plan, doing exercise, drinking lots of water, practicing a little restraint and really cutting out sugar. Anyone trying to convince you with tasty recipes for a healthy eating lifestyle is just wasting his or her time.

This article is not being written to waste the reader’s time either. You want to lose weight and have a secret reason for holding onto the pounds, or you are scared of actually losing the weight and looking really great. Perhaps the only way to get you to budge is to bring the information to you where you can read the pitfalls of obesity and what you should consider doing to get back your life in the comfort of your home curled up with an e-book and a glass of Bailey’s for the extra cream. Perhaps the second thing you should do is ask yourself whether you are afraid of losing the weight, and why. Maybe a psychologist or nutritionist can answer this for you. In the meantime, consider the following:

·                     You can’t have your cake and a trim figure too
·                     You need knowledge to convince you why you should make a move
·                     You need to decide which way you want to live; healthy or sickly
·                     You need to arm yourself with the hard facts of nutrition
·                     You have to apprise yourself with the right information
·                     You need to ask yourself how long you want to live and in what condition
·                     You need to make the first steps towards creating and maintaining a healthy body and stick with the program.
·                     You need to admit that your strategy didn’t work and allow someone else to help you. It is not easy to lose weight but with determination you can succeed.

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