Jan 4, 2012

A lifesaving telephone for seniors

Every senior who values his or her independence and wants to stay on in his home where he is most comfortable but is afraid to be alone in case of an emergency should take advantage of the Call4Care phone. This is a great invention where a small, light and durable GPS cellular phone allows you to access emergency assistance whether you are at home or locked in a vehicle.  With the GPS, operators can track your location in the event of an emergency with a simple layout button which is easy to use. With this mobile emergency phone called NEMO, you can send an alarm with the push of a button on the face of the unit, as well as through an external alarm trigger.

How it works

The NEMO mobile phone is not only beneficial to seniors but also to people who live on their own and may have hurt themselves or are locked in a car. The phone has a few numbers programmed in and the person need only press it once to activate the call for help. The service provides around the clock emergency response and medical care. If the person is stuck in his vehicle the GPS on the mobile relays a map to the person on the other end of the call allowing you to track the person in need of help and arrange for the appropriate medical services. This can save valuable time in trying to save someone’s life. With more and more seniors living on their own and in retirement villages or complexes where they want to retain their independence, they need only be near their cellular phone to call for help. With the state of the art technology we have now seniors need not be afraid to be on their own.

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