Jan 12, 2012

Healing your Dog the Natural Way

If you love your dog the way you love and take care of yourself, you would look at a natural way to keep your dog happy and healthy instead of using traditional medicine. Is your dog not well? Are you concerned that you are only treating the symptoms and not the underlying problems? 

Fully qualified Naturopathic Physician, Zoologist and Research Scientist Sara Rooney in South Australia has helped thousands of pets all around the world through 'Naturopathic Animal Services'. Treating dogs for twenty years or more with natural medicine, she claims that she has discovered the most common cause of almost all dog health problems and has developed natural, safe and effective treatment programs that can help dogs live happier and healthier lives. As a research scientist, she says, she has never been content to treat a dog’s presenting symptoms without identifying the underlying causes, meaning, why the dog has symptoms in the first place. She promises that hers is the only book of its kind on the market and that most doctors don’t have a clue as to what caused the dog’s health problems and only know what to prescribe to stop the symptoms.

Satisfy yourself as to the validity of the information and get the ebook and put yourself in charge. Get three free bonuses and discover the real causes of your dog’s problems and real solutions to cure your dog. The book is a wealth of information which you can use along the way – and provides all natural recipes you can make at home for your dog, as well as healthy snacks to pamper him. Here is a smidgeon of what you will learn from this really great book:

·                    Identify the true causes of your dog’s health problems.
·                    How to cure the underlying causes of your pet’s illness.
·                    How to reverse agonizing conditions such as inflamed skin disorders, joint pain, and other disorders.
·                    Save hundreds of dollars in vet bills by treating your pet at home.
·                    How to feed your dog real food from home.
The above is only some of the tips on how to treat your dog naturally. Go online and click here for the book.

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