Jan 12, 2012

Winning the Flea War

Before talking about winning the war on fleas, did you know that one flea can produce fifty eggs per day and 2000 eggs in a lifetime? That’s a hard battle to win if you don’t do something about it and take regular measures to be flea-free especially if you’ve had the problem for some time. Most people trying to bring the problem under control don’t treat all the animals at the same time and the fleas spread. They also do not treat the pets throughout the year and that makes it difficult to beat infestation. Fleas breed year round and carry tapeworm.

Winning the War on Fleas is an eBook by Dr Greg Mahon who has spent twenty five years solving flea problems for owners and only recommends scientifically proven and safe solutions. Common brands like Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Advocate Program and so on are discussed in detail with dog owners. He provides specific strategies to deal with all four life stages of fleas and provides information on techniques to rid your pet, your home and your car of fleas. He provides a product comparison table for cats and dogs separately to compare all the common products listed above. Go online and read about flea infestation and how difficult it is to rid yourself completely of fleas, and download your copy of Dr Mahon’s e-book to rid yourself of these pests once and for all. Remember, not all dogs with fleas itch, be they fleas from America or Australia, but all fleas make it most uncomfortable for pets. Love your dog by keeping his coat healthy and problem-free and relieve him from itching and scratching for good.

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