Feb 2, 2012

Falling in love in your sixties

Possibly, people who would be most drawn to reading this article would be those who have themselves been married and divorced, gone down the aisle of depression, discovery, and then recovery, and have no real interest in being married again. But what about those ones who still believe in love and are very much interested in having a mate at sixty and upwards? Is falling in love at sixty-five or sixty-nine a preposterous idea? Should it be dismissed by family members because they find it ridiculous? To this question, you have an immediate answer; that at sixty you no longer have to get anyone’s permission.

Five key benefits of finding love in your sixties

·                    In your sixties the criteria for marriage would be different than when you were in your twenties. It is less about sex and more about intimacy. It is about sharing and companionship. It is about enjoying the spoils of all those hard years you had to provide for a young family. It is about sitting back and saying, here, God, I tried my best for my family and thank you for this second chance.
·                    Because it is less about sex and more about intimacy, you are more interested in the quietness of life and living in the moment. Your needs are different, you are more accepting. You don’t need to bounce off the wall with excitement. A long leisurely walk will provide the same pleasure as making love because life has calmed you down and you are interested in different things.
·                    Having a mate keeps you on your toes as far as your hygiene – yes, hygiene – and as far as keeping yourself healthy, attractive, interested in life, and grateful to God for getting a chance to try again. Few people have good second chances; some have none.
·                    You can see and love your grandchildren and do interesting things with them, and then take them home when you have had enough.
·                    You don’t have to sit on a park bench by yourself feeling lonely and finally have a sidekick with the same experience and needs, both physical and emotional, as you. You don’t always agree on everything, but have agreed to be agreeable about things that are important to both of you.
·                    For this writer, who has signed up three times, she still loves the notion of a momma and a poppa bear in the house, and happily acknowledges that she can’t be good at all things. She envies people who get it right the first time.

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