Feb 1, 2012

Worst reasons to get married

There are untold reasons why people marry; some are lonely, some want children, some want to strike it rich, and some just want the feeling of family and not to be alone in old age. The ones who make the right decisions, take their time to assess a relationship, pay attention to what his partner is saying are not mentioned here.

What follows is a list of reasons why most people get married.

·                    The woman is pregnant and wants to legitimize her child. She wants the child to have the father’s name, and she wants support. She might even have been planning the pregnancy secretly in the hope that the two of them will marry. This kind of deception never ends in happiness.
·                     A gentleman in his sixties or seventies might be interested in a young bird of twenty he knows is after his money, but he is lonely and will pay for it and also well-versed with the ways of the world and has a will. The woman will strut her stuff for a bit and then he will pass away and the family will interfere.
·                    Marrying because you are heading for forty and have no man in your life. You are needy and desperate and are afraid you will end up holding someone else’s baby instead of your own.
·                    Marrying someone to obtain citizenship is surely one of the worst reasons to get married as it involves deception and is also illegal. These marriages seldom last and most of the time the person is either found out and pays a fine or is sent back to his or her country. The relationship deteriorates because it was not based on honesty.
·                    Marrying for wealth or prestige. This will surely end in disaster as the relationship is based on the need for material possessions and wealth rather than love.
·                    Being in your sixties and marrying a woman in her twenties for her extraordinary long legs and glossy hair only to find that after watching three episodes of Two and a Half Men, the two of you have nothing to talk about. You try to help the situation with some books, but alas, you got what you paid for. She is only good in the bedroom and you long for that real sharp cookie you dated briefly in New York who gave you a run with her wit.

The best reason of course to marry is because you love someone and want to spend time together, and that opens a whole new chapter on what it means to love – a great buddy who enjoys watching a movie with you, but also likes to throw a ball around, or cook a new meal, and definitely one who irons his own shirts.

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