Feb 2, 2012

Is it always the guy's fault?

Every day we see Dr Phil with a couple on the stage taking someone to task and more often than not, it is the guy’s fault. Dr Phil gives the ex-lover the list. He has to do more to accept the stepdaughter he has inherited when he married the girl’s mother; he has to take more responsibility for his new family, he is older and has to rise above himself and behave like an adult. All the time the wife sits like a demure little angel watching her husband squirm in his seat. She does not show the mean little smile she would give him if they were at home. To be sure, Dr Phil is a big lug and no one argues with him. He is fair and gives the female in the situation her due share of blame if she deserves it. Still, coming back to the original question, don’t women contribute more than they are accused of?

Things women will do when jilted

·                    Pick up her girlfriend, do a stake-out near his house and follow him secretively in the car.
·                    When she locates him, she loses control and lashes out, accusing him of cheating on her. A fight ensues and she does not care if she knocks him down with her car. Both end up getting charged and spend the night in the slammer.
·                    Go to the man’s place of employment and tell his employer what kind of person he is and makes a big row; the man gets fired.
·                    Follow him to his apartment and insist on talking to him. Okay, men do that too, but don’t resort to telling the police that he said he was going to kill her.
·                    Turn up at the ex-lover’s engagement or wedding ceremony and make a scene.
·                    Burn or cut his clothes because she suspects that he has a woman on the side.
·                    Punish an ex-husband by withholding the kids and not letting him see them.
·                    Kidnap her kids and swoop off with them to the motherland and not feel guilty about doing so. No one knows the plight of an unhappy single mother with kids in a foreign country better than this writer who was in an airport scene.
·                    Hit the ex-lover with a pan on his head, and the girlfriend too, when she breaks down his door to come and collect her goods.
·                    Drum up false charges when she can’t get what she wants.

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