Feb 2, 2012

Should there be no Higher Power?

If there were no religion, there would be no God, nothing to cling to in times of need. The world would be in chaos. Chaos would bring with it tyranny and war. There would be no hope. Without hope, you have despair. There would be nothing to live for. There would be nothing to aspire to. There would be nothing feeding our spiritual being. We need religion because we need God. Living without God would be like walking a tight rope without a safety net. We need that net, even if we don’t need it for ourselves but for the survival of others.

Without religion, the world would be a sorry place and there would be no order. Without order, there would be no morality. Without the breath of God in us, we would be empty shells. If you asked ten people to describe God, the descriptions would all be different, but the meanings would be the same – which is that we all need a just and moral system to live by. Some might say that they have their own moral system and don’t need God – and that religion causes more harm than good if one looks at all the wars and atrocities perpetrated on people because of religion. It could be, but it is caused by man, and not by God.

I have three atheist friends and I admire them when I hear them speak. They are so convincing and compelling in their arguments. They absolutely do not have a need for a God, they say, and have made it through life on their own. Really? What about a mother who has prayed for them and God answered her prayers? Is that not from God? Even in our ignorance, God would rise up in our hearts and come to our aid. I am envious of these atheist friends because they do not believe that this is also a belief.

Belief is much more than doctrine. One just simply cannot live without God; even if God only resides in a corner of your heart. In the Holy Qur’an, God says, I am closer to you than your jugular vein. Indeed. We feel happy and protected when we believe in God, and that feeling of goodness and wellbeing is contagious. God is a constant. Maybe you would not have known the difference between right and wrong if there had not been religion. Maybe your parents would not have treated you with the kindness and love they did if they themselves did not have God in their life. Any religion is better than no religion as religion creates fellowship and through fellowship we receive love. Can we live without love? If you answer no to that question, you answer yes to loving God.

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