Jun 8, 2012

Cape Town a city of many cultures

To live in Cape Town is to have the best of all worlds. You live at the foot of Table Mountain, one of the eight wonders of the world. It s the first thing a visitor from another country sees when he enters the city whether he arrives by airplane or boat. The city is a potpourri of people from all parts of the world including Europeans, Hindus, Indians, Xhosans, Zulus, Muslims, Jewish people, Hare Krishnas, the Cape coloreds and more.

Most well-known and influential man in the world

All year round Cape Town celebrates one holiday or another and there are several traditions observed. Cape Town is the home of the famous Nelson Mandela, the only man in the world who has single-handedly changed the world by forgiving a heartless apartheid nation and the people who once oppressed him. He has been a role model for South Africans and other world leaders and the only man ever to spend 27 years in a small cell – all in an effort to bring peace to the nation. South Africa did not have world leaders sitting on its lawns trying to figure out how Mandela should be released. It solved its own problems. Madiba fixed it.

Cultural traditions

• Hindus who celebrate the coming of age of a young man with a string ceremony.
• Hare Krishnas who celebrate the initiation of a devotee into the group with a colorful fire on boards into which the devotee throws a handful of dry rice and reposes face down and spread out on the floor.
• African Traditional where a young man has a circumcision out in the veld or the bush to become a young man. This is generally done without anesthetic as it is frowned upon. Some parents have their sons circumcised in secret at a hospital to avoid infection.
• Jewish holidays which sometimes occur at the same time as Ramadan for the Muslims, and other celebrations. These would include Chanukah, Yom Kippur and birth and death celebrations for Muslims.
• Born again Christians who perform baptism where you have to go under the water to rid yourself of the past and start a clean new life. It is good to have rituals as it celebrates the joyousness of life.


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