Jun 8, 2012

Types of men to avoid

This article is actually in response to an article written by a male who listed several 13 types of women who are hated by men. His own apparent dislike of women is so intense that this writer can only conclude that he holds a dim view of the female sex and was probably hurt in a romantic relationship. He actually calls women stupid, and his use of the word hate is ample proof that he is exactly the type of man a woman should steer clear of.

Warning signs of the type of men to avoid

• A stupid man is one who calls others stupid and has very low self-esteem. This kind of man is bossy and has little or no respect for women. No matter what you do you will never be able to please him. Write him off.

• The type of man who wants to talk all the time and is opinionated and hates the sound of women talking. In his estimation a woman should be busy in the kitchen and not talk too much.

• Men who call women liars, stupid, materialistic and lazy are men who have no respect. You can tell from these signs above that he is controlling and only what he achieves is of importance. He will have no regard for your feelings and his abusive nature will not go away on its own. He is also the type of man who will blame you when things go wrong.

• Men who call women sluts have no regard for women and once in a relationship with such a man, you will suffer emotional and also physical abuse. These men are hard to live with and you will have no say in family matters and little control.

• Jealous men are worse than any other type and you will be accused many times of cheating on him, or looking at someone on the escalator in a mall, or be jealous of every male friend you have. He will check your cell phone, call your friends, and become so fanatic that you will be afraid to tell him you want to leave. He might also bully you and raise his hand or cuff you against the head. These men are dangerous. Keep away from them.


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