Jun 7, 2012

Online article writers beware!

Writers beware of sites asking for money to join. These are not legitimate sites. You should not have to pay to work for someone. Especially, check the small print under the headings. Some say the site pays 1 cent and in the heading it claims that it pays $1 or $100. It is up to you the writer to make sure you have read the terms and conditions. It is too late after having written 100 or 200 posts to complain.

Determining that you are with the right site

New writers talk constantly about the best sites, the most money, and the easiest tasks. There are no easy tasks. Making money as an online article writer is not easy. First, you have to write at least three or four articles daily to make any impact on your earnings. You have to have high ranking. You have to have good writing sites which are legitimate and which can feed you. You can’t live on one cent a day! Or even fifty cents or a dollar! Listen to the complaints and judge a site by the following criteria:

• Do they pay on time?
• Do they answer your emails?
• Do you wait forever for them to answer questions?
• Do they have high rankings?
• Do they ask for money to join their site?
• Do you wait an interminable time for articles to be approved?
• Are there discrepancies in what is printed as payment and what is actually paid?
• Do they answer questions to your satisfaction, if they answer at all?

What to do

Check comments and see if everyone is complaining about the same thing. Also check out the complaints from other writers where you are bound to get the truth. I have three articles at present with one company waiting for the articles to be approved, and five articles with another company, also waiting. You learn this business on the job. There are no flesh and blood instructors you can talk to and get answers immediately; only the word, ‘contact’ in fine print somewhere at the bottom of the page.


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