Mar 27, 2012

Dealing with a long distance relationship

Are you in a relationship where you go frequently on business trips and a lot of time is spent on the road and apart? Do you fear that your long distance relationship will suffer one too many bumps in that your wife will get bored and that she will meet someone else? It is not unusual to be concerned and not easy when one of you lives in one state and the other lives in another or one of you is away on business all the time. If the trip is an overnight one and he is back the following day, it is all right. If it is something that happens two or three times every week it might cause problems if you are not on the same page about the absences and you end up being responsible for everything at home. Ease the strain by employing some of the following.

Tips for long distance relationships

• Call your wife or partner from wherever you are at least once a day to keep in touch and find out what is going on at home.

• Send a ‘thinking-of-you’ message to your wife so that she knows she is not alone in the marriage.

• Bring her back something nice from the trip to show how much you care about the way she always understands.

• Try to celebrate her birthday by not being out of town and to thank her for looking so well after the children while you are away.

• Try to spend all your weekends at home so that you have several days in a row with the children.

• Don’t change the children’s activities when you are at home although you still want to spend quality time with them.

• While your mate is absent keep in touch via telephone, email, or Skype. Surprisingly, these methods of communication work very well to keep the home fires burning and are a blessing for long distance relationships.

A long distance relationship can work if you have a plan and an understanding between you. Keep in mind if your overnight trips are glamorous and provide nights out with the boys, that she is alone with the kids and waiting for you. Relationships that are nurtured work better than those that are allowed to stagnate on their own.

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