Jun 29, 2012

Bird Food and Bird Feeders

When you love your birds you want them to have the best nutrition for a healthy coat and a perky demeanor. You don’t want your birds to leave their pellets uneaten in the bowl and dislike their food. Here is a list of nutritious and different types of bird and budgie food on the market you can choose from.

Budgie and parrot food

• An enhanced formula for young parrots which are being hand-raised by you. It is inexpensive and filled with nutrients.

• A dry mix of mango-flavored nutrients to supplement the diet of caged birds as well as birds which are breeding.

• A parrot pellet maintenance diet which is highly palatable. Parrot pellets are fully extruded which makes for complete balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals for parrots.

• Vitamin and mineral supplements, a concentrated palatable source of vitamins and minerals in water soluble form. The recommended dose is 1 teaspoon per liter of water.

• Nectar pellets providing complete nutrition for nectar eating birds.

• Fruity treats consisting of a high quality mix of dehydrated fruits, making a tasty and nutritious treat supplement for all birds.

• A wet mix of banana flavored nutrients to supplement the diet of breeding and caged birds.

Insect-eating birds deserve special mention in that they require a diet high in fat and protein. Insecta-Pro, a complete live-food replacement supplies crucial proteins found in insects; something lacking in grains and vegetables. It provides a supplemental feed for all insectivorous birds, as well as those who need live food. The wet mix assists in stimulating breeding pairs and provides a balanced diet for young birds.

Attractive bird feeders for budgies and parrots

There are few things more beautiful than the sound of twittering birds cooing outside your window. Here is a selection of bird feeders in a variety of styles and designs to add attractiveness to the cage and provide added excitement on your porch or outside your window where there is shade.

1 Window feeders which allow you to enjoy the sound of your birds up close.
2 Hopper feeders suspended from the branch of a tree or from a deck awning.
3 Oriole, bluebird and cardinal feeders when you wish to attract a certain type of bird.

Bird feeder designs

• A tube bird feeder attracts finches to your yard; small birds in a variety of colors primarily feeding on thistle seed and making beautiful chirping sounds. Some finch feeders have room for as many as 18 birds on their perches.
• A window feeder which can be attached to a window with Velcro or suction cups or placed inside a windowsill. These feeders have a one-way mirror allows you to come within inches of your birds without disturbing them.

• Bird feeders come in the form of chalets, red barns, pagodas and many other designs.

• Hopper feeders which are spacious and holds large quantities of seed making it easy for a flock of birds to approach. Go online for a more in depth search and make an informed choice.


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