Jun 29, 2012

Needing God and loving it

I just read a long tongue-in-cheek article on God and why we need God, and was disappointed that although the author was funny, the article was a long psychological explanation which is not what I wanted to read. I wanted the simple reasons for believing and needing and loving a Higher Power in my life.

What God means to me

• The most important reason for me to believe in God is that I am never alone. I talk to God all the time as if I was talking to a friend. God is a guide for me and I know when I am doing wrong and God is silent and when I am not selfish and God is pleased. It does not matter to me if God does not exist in a way I can’t understand as long as I don’t lose God as a friend. My love for God is firmly established and while I err and do wrong like everyone else, I try hard not to transgress.

• I could not imagine living a cold, empty life without the breath of God. It is not out of fear that I love God, but out of God’s love for me and I don’t want to disappoint. It does not matter to me how others believe or what they do not believe; we are all individuals and we make our own decisions on how to live. If they can live without God, good for them, and I wish them well.

• Like everyone else I need God’s help to pick me up when I am down, and to warn me of my transgressions. I know when God is pleased with me and I feel good, and when I misbehave and God is silent. God is like a loving, comforting blanket your mother spreads over you when you need it. When I indulge in games of risk, God is silent for a long time. And then God forgives me as He knows what is in my heart.

• In times of hardship or loss God is there for me and picks me up when I am down. He gives me the strength to stay strong and to get on with my life. He gives me the courage to believe and not despair. God is my personal guard and adviser and my life would be empty if I did not have God to call on. God is my conscience and without my conscience I would be a reckless and helpless human being. Does that mean that I believe out of fear? Not at all. I believe out of love.


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