Dec 30, 2011

Embracing Parkinson's - Living a Manageable Life

If you are like most people who have suddenly and unceremoniously discovered that you have Parkinson’s disease, you are probably still reeling from the diagnosis. It was with shock and despair that I responded to this unwelcome news just five weeks ago, in November 2011. How could I have it? I used my brain every day. I was a prolific writer whose articles appeared on the internet every day. How could I use my logical mind to deal with what was to come – and what would I do if my logical mind deserted me? My father had Alzheimers. I used to make light of the matter to my brothers and sisters and would say I was going to follow him. When he started to lose his memory and tried to light his cigarette even though he had a lit cigarette in his hand, I found it amusing and cute and we used to have a little laugh now and again at his expense when he walked up and down in the hallway and said he was waiting for a friend to come and pick him up. The friend had died ten years earlier.

Dealing with reality 

Be careful what you say, even in gest. I was indeed going my father’s way. Today I am walking up and down the passage thirty times, three times a day; only I was doing it because I am trying to stay fit and flexible, and it is part of the plan. The plan is a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, doing stretching exercises upon getting up in the morning, more stretching in the afternoon, going for a walk, finding out everything about Parkinson’s treatment, and trying holistic and natural methods first. Your armor at this very early stage of Parkinson’s is knowledge.

·                     Read up on depression caused by Alzheimers and Parkinson’s to determine the difference between the two conditions; there is a difference.
·                     Go on the internet and listen to survivor stories or people living with Parkiinson’s.
·                     Listen to Michael J Fox on You Tube and see if you can learn something from his resilience and determination to manage his disease. You might also want to listen to Muhamad Ali’s story. They both have had Parkinson’s for about twenty years, and are still with us!
·                     Parkinson’s does not kill you; most fatalities as a result from Parkinson’s are complications from pneumonia, and falls.
·                     Eat brain foods such as bananas, walnuts, cashews, almonds, eggs, wild salmon, beans, yams. Click here for list of super foods.
·                     There are five phases for Parkinson’s. Determine from your doctor what phase you are in.
·                     Read tips on how to manage your life and always check on the internet for the latest news.

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