Jan 6, 2012

Frightening facts about dog food

As s pet owner who wants the best nutrition and care for your pet, have you ever questioned the ingredients on the dog food bag or found out what the dog food really consists of – whether bought in the shop or home-made? Feeding your dog scraps from the table or letting your dog eat foods human eat can sometimes be fatal. A new e-book called The Frightening Truth About Dog Food offers powerful tips on the following:

·                     How to choose a diet to help prevent getting bladder and kidney stones,
·                     How to switch foods to prevent gastric upsets,
·                     How much protein, carbohydrate, fat and calories should your dog ingest,
·                     Four steps to change to a new and healthier dog food diet,
·                     Dog foods which help with a healthy, shiny new coat
·                     Twelve of the best dog foods to benefit your dog and provide a healthy life,
·                     The best brand foods for your dog,
·                     Special diets for when a dog has diabetes, allergies or dermatitis,
·                     Understanding the dietary needs of your dog whether a puppy, adult, or senior,
·                     The truth about the BARF diet and whether it has any real benefit,
·                     The truth about dog treats.

Go online and read up on all the tips and information regarding dog food nutrition and having a healthy dog. A dog requires very little to be healthy; he needs a caring owner, a warm and safe place to sleep, a brush once or twice a week, access to clean water all the time, having a daily walk or run, and food that fills his nutritional requirements. Your pet's coat will soon tell you if something is amiss. Love your pet by feeding him food with the right nutrition and make sure he always has fresh water.

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anieb said...

Thanks to advancements in pet nutrition, dogs are now living to enjoy their senior years. However, as a dog ages, many changes take place that cause a dog’s nutritional requirements to become different than younger dogs.

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