Jul 6, 2012

Suggestions for better online instructions which will result in high earnings for writers

This is not a complaint; it is just something I’ve thought about for a long time to write and ask online employers to make following instructions of how to do things easier. For instance, I have written close to 200 articles for Bukisa and because I got confused with the instructions on how to set up AdSense, and did not and still do not understand linking properly, I have just dropped it and concentrated on writing for two or three companies. I also have a blog with over 11,000 views that I do not know how to populate with ads.

Here are some suggestions all online companies can benefit from

• I understand widgets and banners but don’t know how to go about setting it up. When you explain links, back links, reciprocal link please have a section where you give step by step instructions and explain it exactly. I have tried to set up my AdSense account several times, but have been unsuccessful. In fact I am quite embarrassed to write to support at Bukisa so many times.

• A good percentage of people writing for your sites are writers and not familiar with SEO, and technical terms should be explained. Don’t just say, ‘set up your Adsense account.’ Explain how to do it.

• When you want a particular kind of link, pretend you are writing for ten year old kids and give step by step instructions. We are writers and new to this kind of technical language.

• Most important, have a tutorial for new writers which they should become familiar with first. Every site has its own language for articles such as columns, leaves, lenses and so on, but their way of explaining the answers to questions are not all the same.

• Writing for Experts Column is a breeze as all you do is type the article, include your link, and post it. Maybe because Experts Column does not have AdSense.

• Asking writers to post to other people’s blogs to promote your blog is unclear for this writer as I was told when you do this, you are spamming. So because I don’t know when not to or when to, I just leave it.

• This writer is happy to pay two dollars to anyone who can set up my Adsense accounts for Bukisa, Constant Content and Red Gage. I just want to write!!


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