Jul 5, 2012

Crane rentals made easy

Working in crane rental requires speed, safety and experience as well as sound planning and engineering. There are many things to consider when hiring a crane. You have to have engineering knowledge, product knowledge, as well as how to do your job without anyone getting hurt on the site. Working with cranes requires skill in all the above areas.

Types of cranes would include operated and maintained crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, and all terrain cranes. Everyone’s pricing is different and some rentals come with more than just the machine. Choose a crane rental company which can provide all the following services:

• Bare rental factory-trained technicians who know how to erect and dismantle a crane.

• A dedicated service representative for each account, capable of servicing every inquiry.

• A nationwide staff of experienced repair personnel who can handle operating and maintenance needs.

• A company with a well-maintained inventory of boom sections and crane attachments.

• A bare rental company with extensive transportation expertise which is crucial for the safe transportation of the crane from one site to another.

• A company that offers financing, lease purchase options, and letters of credit for international buyers.

• Manufacturers who can ship from any facility located in the United States.

A quote for a crane rental can be obtained by contacting the crane rental team either by telephone or email. There are also quotes for trailer rentals and self-propelled hydraulic trailers. The minimum term for some company quotes is one month for bare rental

Irrespective of the terrain, you need to deal with a company who has the expertise to come up with the best solution for transporting a large variety of materials, structure and equipment. The equipment has to be able to transport heavy loads over public roadways, waterways or congested work zones using specialized trailers and other transport systems.


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