Jun 30, 2012

Preparing for a home inspection

Preparing for a home inspection can be fraught with fear if you are not properly prepared. This is a process that should have started long ago by first inspecting your house on your own, and then with an agent if you are going to use one. You’re overcome with anxiety and have many things to do from calling the movers to enrolling the kids in school to packing valuables and saying farewell to neighbors and people you have come to know.

Preparing for a home inspection typically starts long before the hiring of an agent. Whether you are producing a seller’s home inspection for the buyer or expecting the buyer’s home inspector to appear, it is best to have one. Here are some recommended ways to get ready for a home inspection.

• Present a clean house. Make some special effort in areas where there is clutter and wipe the walls and your appliances. Taking the rooms one by one, a female buyer’s most important room in the house is the kitchen. Are the walls clean? Could you change the faucets and put new handles on the cupboards? More importantly, remove all clutter around the heating or air conditioning equipment. Let the house speak for itself.

• The inspector will need to test and run the appliances so leave the utilities connected. Without utilities the inspection will have to be rescheduled which means you might be late for your closing.

• Provide access to the attic by removing boxes and other clutter which will impede progress.

• Clear away brush and other rubble around the house or where the inspector needs to be.

• Cut down tree branches in the summer when the weather is good. You want to present a house that gives the impression that it has been well maintained.

• Have invoices and quotes for repairs ready and handy and give paperwork to the buyers so they can see how things are progressing.

• Stand on the opposite side of the street and view the house as if you are a stranger for the first time looking at the house. You are bound to see where you could plant some flowers or what has to be removed at the side of the house.


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