Aug 16, 2012

Music sites for school

Children of all ages love music and sounds and below are some music sites for school which they can incorporate in their curriculum. These are but some of the sites chosen for their emphasis on children and education.  

The Music House is a  brand-new interactive activity aimed at young children where they can click on a picture on the PC to use the music program online; it can also be downloaded. The kids listen to the music and learn the names and sounds of four percussion instruments. They hear a sound and match it to the instrument, listen to a rhythm and copy it on an onscreen drum, and so on. Four instruments are used and their task is to find the one that does not play.

Music for Teachers – This site is being developed to provide practical support for the design of Music Schemes of Work to match the requirements of the revised National Curriculum in England. Files, support materials, extensive databases of songs and teaching ideas are available to download.

Music Education – the website is a collection of hyper-texted articles on music education and includes multiple intelligences, using music to teach other subjects. There is also musical story telling, and music and special needs – as well as Soothe the Savage Beast in order to reduce school violence, and musicals for the musically timid, the teacher’s guide to the musical.

Music Education Launch Site – created by Jeffrey S Brenan to serve as a launching point for web travelers interested in music and music education. It includes lesson plans and Mr. Note’s Gameland to teach children musical notation.

Music Teacher Resource Exchange – designed to help teachers develop and share ideas for activities and resources. They discuss simple ideas and questions, complete lesson plans or schemes of work which enable other teachers to use the resources in their own lessons. You do not have to register to browse. To submit new resources and add comments, you do.

About Music is a great BBC website which allows you to discover everything you want to know about your favorite artists with music clips, interviews, images and a buyer’s guide. Features present an in-depth coverage of music.

Music Teacher’s Resource Website – this is an excellent website with a wide range of free music teaching materials for KS3 and KS4 pupils. This includes songs, royalty free sheet music, arrangements and documentation for music teachers. As well there are sections on reviews of equipment, instruments and software. They are staffed by various experts in areas of music education. Music teachers are available on a subscription basis.

Staffordshire Music is an award winning website with national news, information articles, and has a listening room, an interactive online forum, even an “Ask a Musician’ service, resources which can be downloaded and much more.

Piano on the Net is an excellent free educational site created by Piano Nanny and The Nanny Group. The instructor for the course is film composer and jazz musician Clinton Clark. Each lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete. Go online for many other music sites to find the one you want.
The Music Finder has a database of over 13,000 bands and finds new bands or musicians that you like. From there you can refine the results to suit your taste.

Black History and Classical Music provides a great introduction to Black History and classical music.

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