Aug 15, 2012

Mattress topper memory foam

After a hard day’s work there is nothing worse than sleeping on a mattress that is not right for you and tossing and turning all night. A mattress that is wrong for your back will add to your troubles and you will not be able to get the comfortable sleep that you need. You will feel fatigued the next day, cranky, and unable to concentrate. Not having enough shut eye affects you and consequently your business. For a good night’s sleep you need a mattress topper memory foam topper which you can spread over the mattress and sink into and drift off to sleep. A cheap foam mattress cover will save you money, yes, but it will not give you the pleasure of a sound and restful sleep. For those of you who have neck and shoulder problems and stiffness in the joints, a memory foam mattress topper is the solution you cannot afford not to make.

Mattress topper memory foam features and benefits

·                     It has premium quality and high density foam for durability,
·                     It has temperature-sensitive foam and molds to your body contours for a great and restful sleep,
·                     Pain is eliminated in the shoulders, hips and back,
·                     The mattress is treated with green tea, charcoal and natural seed oil to prevent bacteria and chemical odor.
·                     The mattress is hypo-allergenic and comes with a cover that can be removed for washing if it needs to be cleaned. Toppers come in different sizes; twin, full, queen, and king.
·                     Mattress topper memory foam is the best option as it has the most benefits and features for your tired body.
·                     A bed with mattress topper memory foam beats out a cheap mattress topper which does not have all these qualities. Sleep is one of the important needs we have in life and a cheap bed just does not cut it. The mattress topper memory foam is guaranteed to deliver success.
·                     The packaging used has a smaller carbon footprint and includes post consumer materials.

Mattress topper facts

1                     A mattress topper does not fix a sagging mattress; it is used to soften a hard mattress. When choosing a mattress topper, consider how much cushioning you need. Most people opt for a 3” mattress foam topper as it provides the greatest increase in comfort. People who choose a 2” thick topper do so as they are on a budget. As an aside, stomach sleepers also prefer a 2” toppers pad.

2                     Cotton foam topper covers are custom sewn to encase your foam topper order. It is recommended that you protect your foam from staining or tearing. The covers are soft and have a zipper so that they can be easily removed. They should only be dry-cleaned and not be put in a washing machine. The company does not accept returns on shrunken covers. Check whether they have a trial period and a return policy.

3                     Go online and select the mattress topper memory foam topper for the sleep of your life and for any other questions you might have.

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